At 7 weeks, who would have thought we would be down to our last puppy!

This has been such an enjoyable experience!!  What fun to see others so excited about new found friends!!  I catch myself referring to "the puppies" as "the little devils."  Ha, they are though, just cute and feisty as can be!!  Sweet but ornery...remind me of about three little kids I know:-).  Speaking of, Will, Liv, and Lucy have been such a delight to watch with the pups. They all play and have such a good time together.  This went from "oh my!...what if no one wants a puppy and we have 18?" "really?...we only have one puppy?...what are we going to do for entertainment in the evenings and on weekends??"  Well, we have been blessed to have these little furballs with us the past 7 weeks and we have also been blessed to meet some wonderful people who will give our pups the best homes possible.  As my day job, I work as a School Psychologist.  I like my work, as it is necessary and I feel it does help people, specifically children, to get the educational and emotional supports they need to be academically successful in the school setting.  However, it's also disappointing work sometimes, in that I spend a lot of days telling parents their child is either disabled or not gifted...both conversations are not enjoyable ones to have.  Necessary, but not particularly enjoyable.  Therefore, this "puppy business" has been a breath of fresh air... to provide something that makes others happy....and in turn has made our family very happy.  Thank you to all those great families out there who adopted our pups.  We hope to hear from you and get updates on how your "little devil(s) is/are doing!!!